Borderline Country Braveheart
BGH 1 & 2 & 3

Brave 1 year - and he has developed into a striking mover

"the little prince"

1 strong boy was safed via CS from beneath his mums liver,
he had refused to travel towards the daylight through the mess
 Brave was diagnosed with PDA (Ductus Arteriosus Persistent) at over 3 years of age after Jenny  had Brave undertaken  a proper Cardiac Ultrasound examination as Brave had suffered from poor fitness and nothing could be found wrong with his heart per auscultation with the stethoscope - from his very first check on - which latest is performed at 6 weeks here together with the baby inocculation
click here to listen to the typical cardiac murmer caused by  a PDA- a most typical sound that should not be missed but often is.
Thank you Jenny for letting Brave fulfill the meaning of his name
“Brave Heart”
by letting him live a normal, active and happy life under all care necessary this very special boy requires.




8 weeks

owner: Manuela & Jenny Kirchknopf

dob: 16.9.2004

 black/white dog

Hipscore C

CEA  affected


dad Justyn and mom Anya "just married"