3 boys and 1 girl born on the 27th of March (Eastersunday)

the proud parents are


thank you Sissy &  Wilfried
for travelling to Warsawa through snow and ice,
without you this litter would not have been possible!!


Zack - Cataway´s Rising Sun

Wendy  - Borderline Country Wendylove

all puppies CEA DNA tested normal
and MDR 1 - defect +/+

6,5 months (Dallas)
now he lives with Rolf in Germany

9 months

pics by Madeleine Grauss

boy 1

hipscore A
MDR 1 +/+


breeder &
Rolf C Franck

1 year
pic by Madeleine Grauss

11 months
pic by Madeleine Grauss

4,5 months

4 weeks

at 8weeks

1 year

with Stanley, James and Scooby

boy 2


visit Speedy on his own page

hipscore A
elbows A
MDR 1 +/+

owner: Rici Kern

as you can see Speedy is going to be a Flyball Star


and he lives with Scooby

one year

9 weeks


1200 g
at 8 weeks

1 year


10 weeks

boy 3

Best Baby in Show

hipscore A
MDR 1 +/+

Angelika Milicka

1 year

4 months

4 weeks

2500 g
at 8 weeks

8 weeks

girl 1 and only


Dolly died at 5 months of age from kidney failure,  my sister,her family and we miss this sweet little girl terribly

530 g at 4 weeks


pedigree in pictures