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you can publish the results of your DNA tested dogs

for  CEA
for CL
for TNS



 huge international Database for the Border Collie for

thank you Ronny DeLay of Majestic Border Collies for this masterpiece!!

Epilepsie Database Border Collie


Border Collie Glaucoma database







wunderschöne Diagramme zum autosomal rezessiven Erbgang am Beispiel von CEA -
gilt auch für CL,TNS
von Christine Fischer
“Clan-Alba” Border Collies

interessante Informationen - auf Deutsch

information on General PRA in Shelties



 information on Cataracts in dogs
Veterinary & Aquatic Services Department,
Drs. Foster & Smith, Inc.




Information about
Ceroid Lipofuscinosis in Border Collies

Laboratories for MDR 1 defect DNA test
and van Willebrand typ 3 DNA test for Shelties


Laboratories for the Canine Coat and Nose Colour test


Orthopedic Foundation for Animals USA



Laboratories for the CEA and CL DNA test for our Border Collies & Shelties




Understanding Your Pet's Epilepsy



Animal Health Trust - Newmarket  /GB


Genetic Science Services -
to this lab you can send a swab for
CL DNA testing


Genetic Science Services -
AQIS Importpermission

animal reproductive medicine
Dr. Szász Ferenc & Dr. Vörös Betttina




Welcome to the future of
dog breeding within Australia and Internationally


wonderful explanation of
Multidrug Sensitivity (e.g. ivermectin)
MDR 1 defect





Der MDR1-Defekt bei Britischen Hütehunden bedingt
eine multiple Medikamentenüberempfindlichkeit-
Universität Giessen