clear eyeupdates for Viennese Waltz, Tornado, Universe and finally also Viking Vision- Tapsa got his Cat clear sheet and he is fit enough meanwhile to start with a bit of herding at Christl´s sheep again


New pictures of Johnny Walker , Tonya and Voodoo
and Onlyson Cairo



Merry  Christmas from the Y-boys


Tornado is TOP Border Collie and TOP British Herding Dog 2003 in the ÖCBH  (617 points)
special congratulations and thanks to his successful handlers Michaela Sorré and Rolf of course, who handled him to his BIS win!!
Tempest is 2nd and Tiffany 3rd and Typhoon was 4th - a really successful litter of a most successful Sire.
Congratulations to TOP Studdog for Denver in the BCC of Great Britain and Top Breeder for his british family Gregory,  Tonkory Border Collies!
Quincy Too is TOP Shetland Sheepdog 2003 in the ÖCBH
Universe 2nd
Wendylove is TOP JUNIOR Shetland Sheepdog 2003



James matesHailey vom Samhof


Tornado passes  BGH 1


International Dogshow  Wels
Border Collies: No of entry 24
Judge: Sylvia Schaffer/A
Tornado - ex 1, CACA, CACIB, BOB - open dogs
Voodoo Vibration - ex 2, CACA Res - intermediate dogs
Sunrise - ex 2, CACA Res  - open bitches
Sky - ex 1, CACA - champion  bitches
Janis - ex 1- veteran bitches
Shelties: No of entry 25
Judge: Sylvia Schaffer/A

William- ex 2- junior dogs
Wendylove - ex 1, JW  - junior bitches
Whitney - ex 4- junior  bitches
Universe - ex 1 - CACA,  CACIB - open bitches

view the other results: http://www.huetehunde.at/aktiv/wels_2003.htm



James passes  GH 1 (Obedience 1)


Tapsa´s Cataract is not hereditary!!! We had had a very hard time, poor and  very brave Tapsa and us as he was in a really serious condition, but finally,  after a bit an Odysee, we went to the Vet clinic of Dr. Schwarz and his fabulous assistant Dr. Unterer found out that Tapsa has 1,0mmol Ca++ in his blood (2,4 mmol is the lower limit) and one week later we got confirmed  that he does not produce any Parathormone. And this Hypocalciämia was the reason for his funny kind of Cataract, which helped to find the  diagnosis in the end. Now he is substituted with Ca Tablets and Vit D  and recovering quickly.


Starlight passed GH 2 (Obedience 2) - congratulations Dorli!!


all Y-boys were puppyeyetested today and are clear from CEA
Voodoo was updated and is clear from PRA, Cataract - it was great for me to meet  him again, we had not seen him since he had left us as a puppy - he turned  into a most loveable, affectionate dog - such an impressive, masculin and very gentle guy.
Valentino has had a look into his eyes too, no PRA,Cataract was found and he also  had his heart checked by ultrasound, everything ok and
Wendylove´s heart ultrasound was ok too


new pic of Xanadu



International Dogshow Tulln - "Austrian  Bundessieger"
Border Collies: No of entry 56
Judge: John Ritchie/GB
Xpress - vp1- puppy dogs
Viking Vision - ex 1, CACA - intermediate dogs
Tempest -
ex 1, CACA, CACIB, Bundessieger (cruftsqualified) - open  dogs
Typhoon - ex 3 - open dogs
Riverdance - ex 1, CACA, CACIB Res - working dogs
Xdream - vp1 - puppy bitches
Xlibris - vp2 - puppy bitches
Venice -
ex 1, CACA, CACIB, Bundessiegerin (cruftsqualified)-  intermediate bitches
Tiffany - ex 1, CACA  - open bitches
Anya - ex 3- champion  bitches

Shelties: No of entry 29
Judge: Margit Brenner/A
William - vg 3- junior  dogs
Quincy Too -
ex 1, CACA, CACIB, Bundessieger, (cruftsqualified), BOB-  champion dogs
Wendylove - ex 1, JW (cruftsqualified) - junior bitches
Universe - ex 1, CACA  - open bitches


Orlando passed BGH 1



you can find updates for the showresults of
Typhoon, Tornado, Tempest,Tiffany, Tapsa, Venice, Valentino
new picture of Onlyson "Carnaby"
new picture of Treasure
new pages for X-Ray, Xpress, Xenia, Xanadu, Xlibris, Xplosion and Xdream



Yukon, Yoyoboy, Yodablue, Yahooblue, Youtoo  and Yogibear are 3 weeks old today



Nells´s litter is born : 6 boys !!! 3 blue/white and 3 black/white
y  -litter

proud dad Ned

Nell and  her newborn puppies


FCI European Winner Bratislava
Border Collies: No of entry 86
judge: Rafael de Santiago/POR

Viking Vision - ex 1, CAC - intermediate dogs
Typhoon - ex 2 , CAC Res - open dogs
Tempest - ex 3 - open dogs
Tornado- ex - open dogs
Riverdance - ex 1, CAC - working dogs
Xplosion - vp 1 - puppy  bitches
Xdream - vp 2 - puppy bitches
Tiffany - ex 2, CAC Res  - open bitches
Shelties: No of entry 40
judge: Guido Vandoni/Ita

Quincy Too - ex 2, CAC Res, CACIB Res, Res Europeanwinner- champion dogs
Elsa Black - ex 2, CAC Res - open bitches ( was put into the wrong class....)
Universe - ex 1, CAC - open bitches


Tapsa passes BGH 2 (Companion Dog)
Valentino passes BGH 1


IRAS Stuttgart
Border Collies: No of entry 35
Judge: Uwe Fischer/Ger

Tornado - ex 1, CAC, CACIB  Res - open dogs
Venice - ex 1, CAC, CACIB - open bitches
Shelties : No of entry 10
Judge: Uwe Fischer/Ger

Elsa Black - ex1, CAC  - champion bitches
Universe -
ex 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB - open bitches


International dogshow Innsbruck "  Alpencup"
Border Collies: No of entry 19
judge: Eleonore Singer/A

Viking Vision - ex  1, CACA - intermediate dogs
Tornado -
ex1,CACA,CACIB"Double  Champion"BOB,among the last 3 Group I -open
Tempest - ex 2, CACA Res,  CACIB Res - open dogs
Riverdance - ex 1, CACA  - working dogs
Venice - ex 1, CACA - intermediate bitches
Tiffany - ex 1, CACA,CACIB  "Double Champion"- open bitches
Sky - ex 1, CACA, CACIB Res


ÖCBH Cubshow Innsbruck
Border Collies: No of entry 23
judge: Lydia Schneeberger/A
Viking Vision -
ex1, CACA, Tyrolwinner, BOB-  intermediate dogs
Tornado - vg 1- open dogs
Tempest - vg 2 - open dogs
Riverdance - ex 1, CACA- working dogs
Xdream - vp - puppy bitches
Venice - ex 1, CACA - intermediate bitches
Tiffany - ex 1, CACA, Tyrolwinner - open bitches
Shelties: No of entry 16
judge: Andrea Sladaschek/A
Universe -
ex 1, CACA, Tyrolwinner, BOB - open bitches



Nell was mated to Torobeam Bush Ranger


eyeupdates of Ornella and Venice clear
Tapsa not clear from cataract - classified as "other form"
and as Tapsa did not produce any puppies from his 4 matings
he is withdrawn from stud



as a consequence of Shadow´s sudden death on the 19th of July, where finally no reasonable cause  of death was found, Tapsa, Venice, Anya and Willy were checked for heart  diseases per heart - ultrasound and found free from hereditary diseases.
we will try to check many more of our dogs as soon as we can afford  it and will make it a routine together with the eyeupdates and hipscores  for those who will be bred from.



new portrait of Typhoon


CAC Györ
judge: Judith Papp/H
Typhoon -
ex 1, CAC, BOB, 3rd FCI Group I - open dogs
Quincy Too - ex 1, CAC, BOB, 1st FCI Group I - champion dogs

Tapsa and Venni went their first "Companion Dog Trial" with Katja  - both passed BGH 1, Tapsa with 80 points and 7th and Venni 85 points  and 4th.


International dogshow Oberwart
Border Collies : No of entry 26
dogs: judge: Erwin Deutscher/A
Viking Vision - ex  1, JuniorWinner - junior dogs
Valentino - ex 1, CACA  - intermediate dogs
fulfilled the conditions for Austrian Juniorchampion with this certificate
Tornado -
ex 1, CACA, CACIB, BOB, 1. FCI Group I - RES BEST of DAY-  open dogs
Typhoon - ex 2 , CACA Res - open dogs
b itches: judge: Gerhard Prenner/A
Venice - ex 1, JuniorWinner- junior bitches
Tiffany - ex1, CACA, CACIB - open bitches
Shelties: No of entry 17
judge:Erwin Deutscher/A

Noel - ex 1, CACA - open dogs
Certificate no 4 for Sam!!! he is AUSTRIAN CHAMPION finally!! Congratulations  and well deserved for beautiful SAM!
Quincy Too - ex 2, CACA Res, CACIB Res- champion dogs
Universe - ex 2, CACA Res


CAC Dachau
judge: Hedwig Mense/D
Tempest - ex 1, CAC, Best Dog, BOB -  open dogs
Orlando - ex 1, CAC - champion dogs
Vanguard - vg- junior dogs


Intercanis Brno
Border Collies: judge: Edith Soltesz/A, nr of entry 23
Tornado - ex 1,CAC,CACIB Winner Mid & East Europe Cup, BOB - open  dogs
Typhoon - ex 2,CAC Res -  open dogs
 Shelties: judge: Marija Kavcic/SLO, nr of entry 17
Quincy Too - ex 1, CAC,CACIB Winner Mid & East Europe Cup - champion  dogs

Sunrise passes BGH 2 with 90 points


International dogshow Luzern
Border Collies: judge: Jörg Schmid/CH, nr of entry 16
Tempest - ex 2, CAC Res - open dogs


International dogshow  Luzern
Border Collies: judge: Dr. Jan Nesvabda/CH, nr of entry 8
Tempest - ex 2, CAC Res - open dogs


got my laptop to work again, it was too hot like us obviously...
updates for
Tornadodaughter "Annie"
Tempestdaughter "Chance"
new pictures of Tempest and Tornado
visit Typhoon and Quincy Too at their own page!!!


International dogshow Papa
judge: Tibor Gellen/Hu
Typhoon - ex 1,CAC, CACIB Res - open dogs
Quincy Too -
ex 1 CAC, CACIB, BOB - champion dogs
FINALLY!!! Conditions for International Champion fulfilled for Quincy



International dogshow Nitra
Typhoon - ex 1, CAC,CACIB - open dogs

may 03

German Juniorchampion confirmed for Viking Vision and Venice


World Dog Show Dortmund
Border Collies entry: 168
dogs - judge: John Ritchie/GB
Viking Vision, Valentino, Vanguard - sg - junior dogs
Tempest - ex 4 - open dogs  -no of entry: 47 - thank you Rolf, for handling James to this marvellous  result!!!
Tornado - ex - open dogs
Typhoon - vg - open dogs
bitches - judge: Harry O`Donoghue/IRL
Venice - ex - junior bitches
Tiffany - ex - open bitches
Anya - ex - champion bitches
Sheltie entry: 137
dogs - judge: Jack Bispham/GB
Quincy Too - ex - champion dogs
bitches - judge: Sergio Meira Lopez De Castro/BR
Elsa Black - ex 2 ,CAC Res - champion bitches - no of entry: 16 - a wonderful result for nearly 9 year old Elsa, who moved and showed just unbelievable considering the desasterous 5 hours drive to the show!!


Sheltiespeciality Krunkl
dogjudge - Mary Glover/GB
Quincy Too - vg - champion  dogs
bitchjudge - Leslie Tanks/Aus
Elsa Black - vg - champion  bitches

Katja 1st in Junior Handling with  Elsa - Highlight of this not very successful day for us!!


ÖCBH Clubshow Kemeten
Border Collies- judge: Tibor Gellen/Hu
Viking Vision - ex 3 - junior dogs
Valentino - ex 2, CACA  Res - intermediate dogs
Tempest - ex 1, CACA -  open dogs
Tornado - ex 2, CACA Res-  open dogs
Typhoon - ex 3 - open dogs
Odeen - vg - open dogs - first show for nearly 5 years old Odeen
Riverdance - ex 1 CACA,Clubwinner,BOB - working dogs
second Clubwinner title for Ri and with it he completed the "Austrian  Champion" without workingtest and with workingtest (6 certs out  of open + 2 certs out of working)
Only You - ex 1 -honour  dogs
Venice - ex 2 - junior bitches
Trinity - ex 1, CACA -open  bitches
Sky - ex 2, CACA Res - champion bitches
Shelties - judge: Mark James/GB
William - vp 1 - puppy dogs
Noel - ex 1,CACA - open dogs
Quincy Too - ex 1 CACA, Clubwinner, BOB - honour dogs
Whitney - vp 1- puppy bitches
Wendylove - vp- puppy bitches
Katja 1st in Junior Handling with Tapsa and she brilliantly handled Tapsa and Venni to secondbest Brace in show


International dog show Nürnberg
Tornado - ex 1 CAC,VDH-Ch-A, CACIB,BOB - open dogs
Tempest - ex 2 CAC Res, VDH- Ch-A -Res, CACIB Res - open dogs
Viking Vision - ex  1, CAC -J - junior dogs
Venice - ex 1, CAC-J - junior  bitches
new picture of Venice


Border Collie TOP BREEDER 2002 with the topscore of all breeds in the ÖCBH
Shelties second TOP BREEDER 2002
Quincy Too passed the Körung
Only You extended his Körung  (lifetime)


new portrait of Sky


CEA puppytest of the x- litter: all puppies  clear (5,5 weeks)
PRA clear update of Twilight


result of Vanguards hipscore  in Germany arrived: A


view the 4 weeks shots of thex-litter


Magic passes BGH1 with Patty - congratulations!!
new pics of Tapsa!!!  and Tornado


new pages for Tom´s  litter and Quincy´s litters


visit James´puppies out of Hattie - they are 7 weeks old
new page for Only´s puppies


International dog show Wieselburg
Valentino - ex 1, Juniorwinner - junior dogs
Viking Vision - ex  3 - junior dogs
Typhoon- ex 1 CACA, CACIB, BOB -  open dogs
Tempest - ex 2 CACA Res,  CACIB Res - open dogs
Tornado - ex 3 - open dogs
Riverdance - ex 1, CACA  - working dogs
Tiffany - ex 1, CACA , CACIB  - open bitches
Sky - ex 1, CACA, CACIB Res - champion bitches
Congratulations to Ingrid König for winning "Best puppy of day"  with Skydaughter Abby - "Canyonland A Beautiful Mind"!!
Katja 6th in Junior Handling with Venice-  Venni was missing the warm up having not been entered...
view the complete results at our Clubpage


Int.Dogshow Ljubliana
Tornado - ex1,CAC,CACIB,BOB,BIG  and 3rd Best of Day-  open dogs


James´litter out of Lotta is born 5/1 black/white puppies


CAC show Fallingbostel
Tornado - ex1, CAC,VDH-Ch-A, BOB, BIS - open dogs
Tapsa - ex 1, CAC -J - junior dogs
thank you Rolf, for handling the two boys!
Venice - ex 1, CAC-J - junior bitches
thank you Birgit, for handling Venni
CAC show Nitra
Typhoon- ex 1, CAC, BOB - open dogs
Quincy Too - ex 1, CAC, BOB - champion dogs


Kelly´s litter is born 2 boys & 5 girls - x-litter


Tapsa mates Eckhard Sieberts "Laila vom Birkenhof", keep informed at http://www.border-collies-vom-birkenhof.de


International dog show Munich
Border Collies - 42 entries
Viking Vision - ex 1, CAC -J - "Jugendsieger Bayern"- junior dogs
Tempest - ex 2, CAC - Res,VDH -Ch-A -Res - open dogs
Tornado - ex 3 - open dogs

Only You - ex 1,CAC, VDH Ch- A, CACIB "Sieger Bayern" &BOB- champion dogs
Venice - ex 1, CAC-J - "Jugendsiegerin Bayern" -junior bitches
Shelties - 19 entries
Elsa - ex 4 - champion bitches
Katja second in Junior Handling with Venice!!!



new picture of Willy


International dog show Graz
Border Collies - 42 entries
Tempest- ex 1, CACA, CACIB, BOB - intermediate dogs
Valentino - ex 1,Juniorwinner - junior dogs
Viking Vision - ex 3- junior dogs
Tornado - ex 1, CACA, CACIB Res - open dogs
Typhoon - ex 2, CACA Res - open dogs
Riverdance - ex 2, CACA Res - working dogs
Venice - ex 1 , Juniorwinner - junior bitches
Viennese Waltz -  ex 4 - junior bitches
Tiffany - ex 1, CACA,  CACIB - intermediate bitches
Trinity - ex 2, CACA Res  - intermediate bitches
Sunrise - ex 2, CACA Res  - open bitches
Sky - ex 1 , CACA, CACIB Res  - working bitches
Shelties - 8 entries
Quincy Too - ex  1, CACA, CACIB
view the other results at http://www.huetehunde.at
Congratulations to KATJA!! -she won JuniorHandling with Venice apart from handling Venice and Tiffany to their wins


new pictures of Vanguard


new pictures of Tornado and Tiffany


HIP SCORES of our V -litter : Tapsa, Julie, Venice A and Valentino B


Tempest´s litter out of "Tamarsh Jemmima" is born:  1/3 black/white puppies -
visit them at http://www.rolfcfranck.de


International dog show Brünn
Typhoon awards CAC,CACIB,BOB, 5th FCI Group I out  of 47 entered Border Collies
Ouincy Too awards CAC, CACIB Res


new pictures of Quincy Too and Typhoon


Tempest matesMeike J.Bockermanns "Take it Easy vom Weideland"
keep informed at http://www.weideland.com


Twilightwas mated to Maccabee Blue Peter this will be the X  -litter


 7-week pictures of the W -  babies


Quincy Too matesFerdi  & Susi Schulzes"Francehill Fashionable"
keep informed at http://www.sheltie.at


new pictures of Scooby and James


Tornado, Tempest, Universe were eyetested for PRA update and clear
William,Whitney, Wendylove are CEA clear but unfortunately our most lovely puppy Whiskey is CEA affected