new pic of Tapsa daughter Foxy Fox Happy Chunky


Tornado´s litter out of Daryl Bohemia  Alke has arrived - 8 black/white puppies 6 boys & 2 girls -keep informed  at Helena Pulpanova´s "Foxy  Fox" Border Collies page


Award of the ÖCBH  top showdogs 2004- we have to wait for the official results.....


X-Ray´s litter out of Wee Wizzard Luvvie vom Birkenhof has arrived - 3 black/white girls


8  months pic of Cody


Slovakian  Champion confirmed for Quincy Too - congratulations to this very successful little showman and Eva  & Christina!!!


Angeldust  Silver´s first litter has arrived 1 tri boy, 2 tri girls and 2 blue merle girls. keep informed  at Barbara Gaals "Scalloway Castle" Shetland Sheepdogs


Border Collies: No of entry: 35
judge: Dr. Otto Schimpf/A

Allegro- vp - puppy dogs
Yodablue - ex 2- junior  dogs
X -Ray - ex 1, CACA, CACIB  - intermediate dogs
Viking Vision- ex 1, CACA, CACIB Res - open dogs
Apassionata - vp - puppy  bitches
Xenia - vg 1 - intermediate  bitches
congratulations to Ingrid who took BOB with her lovely bitch "Canyonland a Beautiful Mind"
Shelties: No of entry: 24
judge: Erwin Deutscher/A

Angeldust Silver - ex 1, CACA, CACIB Res - open dogs
Wendylove - ex 3 - open bitches
Universe - ex 1, CACA, CACIB, BOB , 2nd FCI Group I - sensational success for little LEA!!!



Tapsa´s litterout of Enigma is born - 8 black/white  puppies, 4 boys & 4 girls , keep informed at Birgitte Bärtls "Pinewood Country" Border Collies HP


Tiffany passes BGH 1 with Teresa - congratulations!!


and Phoebe again



greetings  from our walk today
Cody, Tom and Phoebe - her leg is still on, she just has to keep control over the boys!




new  pic of Tapsadaughter Foxy Fox Happy Chunky



Luna won the Clubtrial in Obedience II and now has to defend the challenge  trophy - congratulations!!


7 months pic of Cody


FINALLY - own page for Ghana and a link to her home "Beaverhill  Shelties"
new pics of Tapsakids Foxy Fox Huckleberry and Honki Tonki


Excellent hipscore for Yodablue : A
according to Prof. Peter Bedford´s and Prof. Franz Stades´ advice Braveheart will be diagnosed "affected" with CEA. Many  thanks to Prof. Nell for the extra trouble with all those emails that  had to be sent.


own page for Lea´s  showresults
new pic of Onlyson Foxy Fox Cairo


CACIB  Nitra
judge: Libuse Ubrova
Tornado - ex 1,CAC,CACIB, BOB - champion dogs
Apassionata - vp - puppy bitches
Xdream - ex 1, CAC,CACIB  - intermediate bitches
Clubshow Nitra
judge: Gerhard Prenner
Tornado - ex 1, CAC, Best Dog, BOB and BIS - champion dogs - super result for Michi and Tom - congratulations!!!
Apassionata - vp - puppy  bitches
Xdream - ex 1, CAC - intermediate bitches


Angeldust  Silver mates Cheyenne  Black of Summergarden


Clear eyeupdates for Tiffany and Anya,  but we have to wait for a puppytest result for Braveheart or even the DNA test as he was not clearly to diagnose


Tapsa and Stanley passed the KÖRUNG
Tom, James and Lea were prolonged


Tornado matesDaryl  Bohemia Alke, keep informed at Foxy Fox Border Collies


Angeldust  Silver mates Ginger  Black of Summergarden


and  Silvia and Venni passed Obedience 1 with 279,5 points - ex again - and congratulations again!


greetings  from our T -litter (and friends...)meeting today! We all had great FUN!

and congratulations to Dita Kilsby who won BOB with Jamesson Callum at the BSZ Dortmund today and she also took the bitch CACIB to England!!


Congratulations  to Venni´s new owner Silvia !!
they passed Obedience beginners with ex 1, 287,5 points only two weeks after Venni had moved to Bavaria - super start for the new "Dream -Team"



X-Ray mates Eckhard Sieberts  "Wee Wizard Luvvie vom Birkenhof"


6 months pics  of Cody - watch him growing into  a nice young man!



Angeldust  Silver mates Vivien Black of Irish Home- we are waiting for his first puppies!


Orlando passed the Champion Test = HIC (Herding Instinct Test) today - he will be our first homebred International Champion  now!!! Congratulations and thank you so much to his owner Uli Rauch from Bavaria, who came the long way for this test.


new page for Tapsa´s  litter


Patrizia established pages for Magic and Bessy


Austrian Champion  confirmed for Tempest -  congratulations!!!


new portrait of Angeldust Silver


Tapsa mates Enigma of Pinewood Country - keep informed at Brigitte Bärtls Pinewood Country


CACIB  Friedrichshafen
Xpress - ex 1, CAC - intermediate dogs


Picture of Toms 2nd in Group placing


new pic of Willy


CACIB  Tulln, Bundessiegershow
Border Collies: No of  entry:35
judge: Eleonore Singer/A

Yodablue - ex 1, JW - - cruftsqualified- junior dogs
X-Ray - ex 1, CACA, CACIB Res - intermediate dogs
Xpress - ex 2, CACA Res - intermediate dogs
Tempest - ex 1, CACA, CACIB, Bundessieger, BOB - cruftsqualified again-  open dogs
Typhoon - ex 1, CACA - champion dogs - 6th certificate in Austria for Tye- conditions  for Austrian Champion fulfilled - congratulations Tye and Christina!!
Xenia - ex 1, CACA, CACIB,  Bundessiegerin - intermediate bitches - cruftsqualified - sensational start for Xenia! Congratulations to Manfred, who handled for the first  time and did so well!!
Xdream - ex 2, CACA Res - intermediate bitches
Shelties: No of entry:38
judge: Gwen Beaden/GB

William - ex 2, CACA Res - intermediate dogs
Quincy Too - ex 1, CACA, CACIB and Bundessieger for the 5th time!!!! - cruftsqualified - champion dogs
Noel -  ex 2, CACA Res, CACIB Res- champion dogs - as Noels son Quincy is Int.  Champion already, this Res CACIB will be upgraded!
Universe - ex 1, CACA, CACIB Res - champion bitches


CAC  Brünn
Tornado - ex 1, CAC,National Winner Cz, BOB, 2nd FCI Group I - champion dogs


Clubshow Tulln
Border Collies: No of entry: 37
judge: Brigitte Bregenzer/A

Adagio - vp- Baby dogs
Yukon- ex 1, JW- junior dogs
Yodablue - ex - junior  dogs
X-Ray - ex 1,  CACA, Clubwinner Tulln - intermediate dogs
Xpress- ex 2, CACA Res - intermediate dogs
Tempest - ex 1, CACA - open dogs - 6th certificate for James, conditions for Austrian Champion  fulfilled, congratulations James and Hannes!!
Typhoon - ex 1, CACA - champion dogs
Apassionata - vp - baby  bitches
Xdream - ex 1, CACA - intermediate bitches
Shelties: No of entry:15
judge: Eleonore Singer/A

Quincy Too - ex 1, CACA,Clubwinner Tulln, BOB - champion dogs
Angeldust Silver - ex 2, CACA Res - open dogscongratulations to Skydaughter Canyonland a Beautiful Mind  to BOB Border Collies
and the vp for Tapsadaughter Foxy Fox Honki Tonki



new picture of Starlight


German Champion VDH  confirmed for Tornado


CACIB  Maribor
judge: Judith Papp/Hu
Border Collies: No of entry: 11

Tornado - ex 1, CAC,CACIB,BOB- champion dogs
Venice - ex 1, CAC,CACIB - open bitches
Shelties: No of entry: 5
Angeldust Silver - ex 1, CAC, CACIB  Res - open dogs
Universe - ex 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB - champion bitches


B1 litter arrived - Anya got one healthy, most beautiful and vital boy - has to be called Braveheart  - pics and page will come soon

Sept 04

clear eyeupdate for X-Ray


Hungarian Champion confirmed for Elsa


Austrian Champion  confirmed for Venice


brilliant hipscore for Trenton and brilliant prescore  for Cody - and Cody got his own page


Junior Champion for Xdream confirmed


CAC  Rastede-Loy
judge: Erika Heintz/Ger

Xanadu - ex 1, CAC -J - junior bitches - conditions for German Juniorchampion fulfilled, congratulations  to Pia and Eckhard


CACIB  Innsbruck - Alpencup
Border Collies: No of entry  18
dog judge: C-P Fricke/Ger
bitch judge: Petra Tietze/Ger

Xpress - ex 1, CACA - intermediate dogs
Viking Vision - ex 1, CACA, CACIB, BOB - open dogs
Riverdance - ex 1, CACA, CACIB Res - working dogs
Xplosion - ex 1, JW - junior bitches
Xdream - ex 1, CACA, CACIB - intermediate bitches - conditions for Austrian Juniorchampion fulfilled for Phoebe
Venice - ex 1, CACA - open bitches - this was Vennis 7 th Certificate in  Austria and with this one she fulfilled the conditions for Austrian Champion  as she needed the year completed - congratulations Katja, who handled her to this title!
Shelties: No of entry 8
judge: Petra Tietze/Ger

Angeldust  Silver - ex 1, CACA, CACIB, BOB - open dogs - third CACIB for our guest within  3 months and the third ticket in Austria - so Trenton is well on his way  to gain a title!!


CACIB  Bratislava
Border Collies: No of entry 25

X-Ray - ex 1, CAC, CACIB Res - intermediate dogs
Typhoon - ex 1, CAC -  open dogs
Tempest - ex 2, CAC Res  - open dogs
Tornado - ex 1, CAC, CACIB,  Mid & East European Winner, BOB - champion dogs
Shelties: No of entry 12
judge:Sliwka Piotr/PL

Quincy Too - ex 1, CAC - champion dogs


CACIB  Bratislava
Border Collies: No of entry 21
judge: Krinke Milan/Cz

X-Ray - ex 1, CAC - intermediate  dogs
Tempest - ex 1, CACA,  CACIB Res - open dogs
Typhoon - vg 4- open dogs
Tornado - ex 1, CAC,CACIB,BOB - among the last 6 FCI Group 1 - champion dogs
Shelties: No of entry 15
judge: Gabriela Ridarcikova/Sk

Quincy Too - ex 1, CAC, CACIB,BOB  - champion dogs - and conditions for Slovakian Champion  fulfilled for successful little Quincy - congratulation!!!!


new pic of Xlibris


new pic of Typhoon & Quincy Too


Border Collie Clubshow Brno
judge: Edith Soltesz/A
No of entry:86

Tornado - ex 2, CAC Res - champion dogs
Xdream - ex 1, CAC-J, Clubjuniorwinner-  junior bitches
Venice- ex 1, CAC, Clubwinner  - open bitches
Cody - vp 1, Best Baby in Show -  marvellous start for our brave little boy

Cody Best Baby in Show

Cody relaxing with Katja



very sad news - China went over the rainbowbridge this afternoon - only three weeks after her 14th  birthday .

July 2004

Typhoon gained his slovakian title - congratulations!!!


CACIB  Szombathely
judge: Claus-Peter Fricke/Ger
Border Collies No of entry:

Riverdance - ex 1,  CAC, CACIB Res - working dogs
Xdream - ex 1, CAC-J - junior bitches
Venice - ex 1, CAC, CACIB  - open bitches
Shelties. No of entry:
Angeldust Silver - ex 1, CAC,CACIB, BOB - open dogs



Anya has been mated to Korella Fire Illusion "Justyn"


First  pics of Cody in Austria

13 weeks

13 weeks


Cody has arrived!He took the long flight without any problems, immediately  was at home here in Austria, took our hearts right away - thank you Leanne and Cath for this wonderful little boy! A page for him will be  established soon.
CAC Dachau/Ger
Border Collies: No of entry: 54
judge: Feliy Cosme/GB

Xpress- ex 1, CAC - intermediate dogs
Viking Vision - ex - open dogs
Vanguard - good - open dogs
Tornado - ex 1, CAC - champion dogs- conditions with this 4th CAC in Germany fulfilled for German Champion VDH & Club
Xdream - ex 4 - junior bitches
Venice - ex 1, CAC, Best Bitch, BOB, BIS - open bitches - congratulations Katja to handling Venni to this superb result!!!
Shelties: No of entry: 20
judge: Harald Steinmetz/Ger

Angeldust Silver - ex 3 - open dogs



CAC  ?
judge: Erika Heintz
Xanadu - ex 1, CAC- J, BOB - junior bitches


5 puppies by James arrived out of Grace- visit them at Susi Huber´s page


new  pictures of X-Ray and Xanadu


CAC  Kapuvár/Hu
Border Collies: No of entry: 14
judge: István Szetmár/H

Tornado - ex 1, CAC,BOB - champion  dogs


new  pics of Youtoo and Yahooblue


hipscore of Xpress and Xenia:  B


Upper  Austria Show Schwanenstadt
Border Collies: No of entry:16
judge:Dr.Sinisa Cujan/HR

Yodablue -vp 1- Best Puppy in Show-  puppy dogs
Typhoon - ex 1 Winner Upper Austria, BOB - open dogs
Shelties: No of entry:24
judge:Dr.Sinisa Cujan/HR

Quincy Too - ex 1, Winner Upper Austria, BOB - champion dogs


new  pics of Tapsa, Zulaika, Quincy Too, Lousiana Black , Universe
Showresults updated for Tornado, Tempest, Typhoon, Venice and Tapsa


finally!!! and very impressive - showresults  of Riverdance


it is decided  - Leanne and Cath found the right puppy to the name. We are waiting for the arrival of "Hotnote Good News" called Cody. This little boy has many miles ahead of him and done already . And we are desperately  awaiting "Good News" in each sense of the meaning

Cody 7 weeks

Cody 7 weeks



lovely new pics of Tapsa and Venni - Katja likes to  new Camera a lot and the Camera obviously likes her


new  pics from Polly and new owners for Polly. Enjoy Polly, Amler family!!! She is a very special girl.


eyetest  for the A 1 litter - 3 out of 8 puppies are CEA affected. First time CEA in our Border Collies  - where does it come from in Julie?????  - help is welcome to sort out the risky line
clear updates for Polly and Phoebe


new page for the A1 litter


GH 1 (Obedience 1)passed by Valentino with 210 points (ex) and Tornado with 194,5 (vg)
congratulations Uschi and Michi!!!!


new pics of the girls from the Z  -litter and link for Marvithall Iskander


9 puppies arrived
by Tempest out of Darleen vom Birkenhof - keep informed at http://www.border-collies-vom-birkenhof.de/breed/breed.htm
and surprise - two tricolors among them!


new page for our guest Angeldust Silver "Trenton"


International  dogshow Salzburg
Border Collies: No of entries 17
judge: Edith Soltesz/A

X-Ray - ex 1, JW, BOB, 1st FCI Group I Juniors, 1st FCI Group I adults AND Res Best of DAY- out of JUNIOR DOGS - wow Stanley!!!! and super done Hannes, who handled him to those wins - junior dogs
Xpress- ex 3 - junior dogs
Tempest - ex 1, CACA, CACIB- open dogs
Typhoon - ex 2, CACA Res,  CACIB Res - open dogs
Orlando- ex 1, CACA - champion dogs
Xdream - ex 1, JW - junior  bitches
Xplosion - ex 2 - junior bitches
Xlibris - ex 4 - junior bitches
Shelties: No of entries 25
judge: Gerhard Prenner/A

Quincy Too - ex 1, CACA, CACIB Res - champion dogs
Wendylove - ex 1, CACA, CACIB Res - intermediate bitches

STOP PRESS - BOB on that  day went to Angeldust Silver "Trenton",  a very special bi blue dog, bred by K.K.Tyra/USA,
owned by Anita De Bruin Gamper/NL.
Trenton came with us to Hennersdorf to stay as a guest for one year. A page for him will be established soon.

Angeldust Silver



ÖCBH Clubshow Salzburg
Border Collies: No of entries 23
judge: Gerhard Prenner/A
Yodablue - vp - puppy  dogs
X  - Ray - ex 1, JW, Clubjuniorwinner, BOB - junior dogs
Xpress - ex 2- junior dogs
Typhoon - ex 1, CACA, Clubwinner - open dogs
Tempest - ex 2, CACA Res  - open dogs
Orlando - ex 1, CACA -  champion dogs conditions for Austrian Champion fulfilled CONGRATS!!!
Xdream - ex 2- junior bitches
Xplosion - ex 3- junior bitches
Venice - ex 1, CACA, Clubwinner - open bitches
Sky - ex 1, CACA - honor bitches
Shelties: No of Entries 28
judge: Edith Soltesz/A
Quincy Too - ex 1, CACA, Clubwinner for the 3rd time en suite and so winner  of the serial cup, BOB  - honor dogs
Wendylove- ex 2, CACA res - intermediate bitches
Universe - ex 1, CACA, Clubwinner - honor bitches



new pics of Yogibear


International  dogshow Budapest
judge: Margit Brenner/A
Border Collies:
Riverdance - ex1, CAC,CACIB - working dogs
Elsa Black - ex 1, CAC,CACIB,BOB - champion bitches
Finally conditions for International Champion fulfilled for Elsa - she will be 10 years old in August and still moves so well and loves to  show off. And she took the 5th CAC in Hungary, so will hopefully be Hungarian Champion too if we diden´t miss a deadline - again



Tempest matesLizas  Border Black Grace keep informed at Susi Hubers de Risan Border Collies

April 04

Odeen passed FH 2 (Tracking dog ) and FH 3- congratulations Michaela Perzi!


Julies Puppies arrived today 3 boys 5 girls, all black/white - A -litter

picture: Lisa Valenta


sad news: Lea daughters Zulaika, Zorayah, Zafira are affected with CEA. All plans shattered, as we wanted to keep them. They are looking for loving pethomes now, where they will be shown if they develope like they did till now . they are  gorgeous!!


Austrian Champion confirmed for Universe


International  dogshow Wieselburg
Border Collies: judge Javor  Davor/HR
X-Ray - ex 1, JW, BOB, 3rd FCI Group 1- junior dogs - not a bad start!!!!
Tempest - ex 1, CACA, CACIB - open dogs
Typhoon - ex 2, CACA Res, CACIB Res - open dogs
Viking Vision - ex  3
Xdream - ex 1, JW - junior bitches
Xplosion - ex 2- junior  bitches
Venice - ex 1, CACA, CACIB Res - open bitches
Shelties: judge Andrea Sladaschek/A
Noel - ex 1, CACA, CACIB - champion dogs
Quincy Too - ex 2, CACA  Res, CACIB Res - champion dogs
Wendylove - ex 1, CACA  - intermediate bitches


Austrian Champion confirmed for Tornado


Hipscores for X-Ray A, Xdream B,Xplosion B and Xlibris B


FINALLY!! Tapsa´s  litter arrived 3 dogs & 4 girls at Helena Pulpanova´s Foxy Fox  Kennels
keep informed at : http://www.volny.cz/bordercollie/h_litter.htm


International  dogshow Nürnberg
Border Collies: judge Eleonore Singer/A
Xpress - ex 2,CAC-J Res-junior dogs
Viking Vision- ex 1, CAC,CACIB- open dogs
Xdream - ex 1, CAC-J, BOB - junior bitches
Xanadu - ex - junior bitches
Venice - ex 2, CAC Res, CACIB Res - open bitches
Shelties: judge: Gerhard Prenner/A
Elsa Black-  ex 1, CAC, CACIB Res - champion bitches


today  the z-litter arrived - three tricolor bitches

picture: Hannes Weber
on the pic they are nearly three weeks old from left to right
Zafira - Zulaika - Zorayah


International  dogshow Graz
Border Collies - judge Judith Papp/Hu
Xplosion - ex 1,JW - Junior  Bitches
Thank you Michi, for handling Polly!!
Tornado - ex 1, CACA,CACIB,BOB - open dogs - this was his 6th certificate and he is Austrian Champion now
Shelties- judge Judith Papp/Hu
Quincy Too - ex 1, CACA,CACIB,BOB - champion dogs
Wendylove - ex1, CACA - intermediate bitches


James makes history for Borderline Country by winning Res CC at Crufts out of dogs open.
Congratulations to his brave owners Hannes & Petra!!! It was the first time a dog from our breeding was shown in the breeds country of origin - and what a start!!!
And a big thank you to Rolf C.Franck, who handled James to his success!


Julie was mated to Big  Challenger von Mauritius - this will be the A -litter


very sad news again. one year old Whiskey followed his great granddad Tiger to the rainbow bridge tonight - was  run over by a car on the jogging tour with Fritz, my brother in law- we  coulden´t believe he diden´t breathe any more - no major injuries found, no crashed bones - in his full beauty he lay there before us -  a nightmare for my sister Hanni and her three kids...


new pages for the Y -boys


Lea was mated to Marvithall Iskander - this will be the Z - litter


Foto:  Martina Feldhoff
Tigerpassed the rainbow bridge today - he was 14 last September and topfit till November but now his body just coulden´t follow his will to live any more. Thank You Frank Mitchell for breeding this  wonderful dog whom we imported via Rosemary Marshall, Forestland Kennels.  Tiger was brought to Austria because he was genetically clear for CEA,  but not many breeders recognized what he could do for the breed. Tiger was sold to Christine Förster at the age of 15 months, but regularly visited us and came back to live here for the rest of his life at the age of 9 years. Up to now we could not breed a genetical clear offspring,  but we won´t give up to go for good eyestatus AND conformation,  which Tiger and Bruno had. We will miss you, brave Tiger.....